Paul Raff, PhD

Paul Raff is a highly experienced, collaborative Data Scientist with a strong background in technology and business and a wide variety of expertise and accomplishments.

15+ Years of Experience

Paul Raff has over 15 years of experience at a diverse set of employers, with a common denominator of solid impact every time.

Engineering Strength

Paul understands that to be a great Data Scientist, one has to be a great Engineer as well. Paul can not only find the right insights but put them into action.

Collaborative Approach

Paul Raff believes in a collaborative approach, ensuring that all involved are committed and understand the objectives and goals.

Satisfied Partners

Paul Raff’s projects have been praised by many partners, clients, and stakeholders, with his expertise and approach delivering success.

Meet Paul Raff

Data Science Expert

Paul Raff is a skilled Data Scientist, covering all data- and tech-related needs in a wide variety of situations. Contact him today for all your data needs.

Expertise in Technology and Data

As a Principal Data Scientist with 15 years of experience, Paul Raff is a top expert in all areas of data science, technology, and mathematics.

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions

From coding and analytics to programming and beyond, Paul Raff has the expertise and knowledge to provide comprehensive consulting and delivery solutions for all your technology and data needs.

Services Provided

Take your business to the next level with Paul Raff’s help.

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Data Visualization

Technology and Data Infrastructure

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